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Rockabilly Guitar lessons

Rockabilly Guitar BibleRockabilly Guitar Bible - Calling it a "Bible" is definitely overselling it. It is "just" a "note-for-note guitar transcriptions with tab features over 30 rockabilly songs". 31 to be precise. You get no real insight to the rockabilly genre itself, as you would expect from a book with that name. Not all the songs qualify as rockabilly either. The book is good however for what it is.  


The Guitars of Elvis (Signature Licks Guitar)The Guitars of Elvis (Signature Licks Guitar) - Get the lead guitar tabs for some of Elvis' greatest hits. A good idea if you're a working musician in a band as Elvis' hits are popular with any audience. The 75-minute accompanying audio presents each song in stereo-split with full band backing. Songs include: A Big Hunk O' Love * Heartbreak Hotel * Hound Dog * Jailhouse Rock * See See Rider * and more!  

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